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Timing - Vacuum - Correct settings

91 GW. 360 with a freshly rebuilt 2150. All new vacuum lines, (EGR is new but disconnected because my CTO is shot). Air pumps removed. Manifold vacuum is great. Starts great, hesitates on throttle when cold, and will stall. My first thought was accelerator pump, but I just rebuild the carb. I’ve got the carb well set, I think, and I started looking into timing. New ignition module and coil.

The vacuum advance is connected to ported by PO. Timing sticker says 600rpm timing should be 17 deg. Mine is at 15. Lots of strings recommend a 5-10 degree at idle.

What’s the best setting for timing? (I’m at sea level). Could it be my cold hesitation/stalling problem?
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