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Originally Posted by wiley-moeracing
you need the fan shroud.
This forum is full of posts like this:
Poster: My truck always overheats [or overheats on the highway, or overheats when on the street]. i don't know why
Replier: Do you have a stock fan and fan shroud?
Poster: Nope, but I do have a new radiator, flushed the system, and a new TStat
Replier: you need a stock fan and shroud.
Poster: Woa! I put a stock fan and shroud on and now my truck NEVER over heats!!!

You can rotate the E-Drive vacuum motor in the case so you can get access to the vacuum nipples. You may not need to pull it. If you put vacuum on one nipple and it holds, then you put vacuum on the other and it holds, you may be good. IMHO, it is easier to work on the case in the rig: drain it, check your chain slop (use the link someone else gave you in the other thread on how to check chain slop), remove the shift lever from the low gear unit (if you have one), remove the 5 bolts holding the low gear unit, remove the low gear unit, remove the big C clip inside the planetary that is poking out from where your low gear unit was, remove all the bolts that hold the case together and open up the case. This will leave both sprockets and chain in the case. The motor can then be replaced from the case half you just dropped. You can spray the case out with brake fluid cleaner, etc.

Just make sure you have a huge piece of cardboard under you becuase it drips ATF. BTW, with a part time kit, you can run ATF in your case instead of the speacial QT fluid.
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