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Not a ton to update from this weekend.

The main goal of the day was to install a new water pump on the 360 that is in the rig. This was successful but took way longer then expected. I had so much crude built up in there it was amazing it ran as good as it did. So i did the poor mans engine flush with a good garden hose. Re-installed the new water pump and old alternator and power steering brackets.


Second goal was to then fix all the vacuum leaks i have going on, (this has been on going since i got the vehicle), so i broke out the starting fluid and starting spraying, but i finally stopped so many that i had to time the engine! Yes you heard me right, it was running so bad with all the vacuum leaks that the timing had to be WAY advanced to even idle. So with all the vacuum leaks stopped minus changing the intake manifold gasket and setting the timing she purrs like a kitten now. (Intake Gasket next weekend)

Lastly on the goals list was to investigate my 4WD/E-Drive, I did crawl under the Wagon, with it in park I can freely spin my front drive axle, so it appears to have had a part time kit installed with the locking hubs. My vacuum lines to the vacuum actuator have been severed since i got the rig. (mis-spoke before, I "thought" i tested the vacuum actuator but was not able to get vacuum on either side, this being because the lines were severed. I also was not able to get to the vacuum actuator under the Wagon so I began removing the access panel in the floor.---That is as far as i got.

One more item is to start going through the dash wiring, currently the only functioning thing in the dash is the speedo. I will be pulling the gauge cluster and climate controls to inspect it this weekend also. If anyone has pointers on doing this please send them my way!
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