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Been a bit since an update, but I've been keeping busy on this truck to keep momentum going. Tranny is rebuilt, working on the steering box right now, and the NP208 is next. I took a week off around the holiday to work on the farm and after chores were done spend a good deal of time burning midnight oil in the Honcho hospital. soda/ slag blasted a bunch of loose parts and started welding patches in. Skid plate for gas tank was a mess, I had two and still had to graft a lot of new metal on to make a good one.

also grafted a piece on to one of the bed skirts and filled in pin holes:

Then the fun part, pulled the truck back into the light for a bit. Lifted the cab off and put it on a nice home built dolly to move it around the shop easily.

That's all for this week, more to come in the next few weeks.
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