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Originally Posted by 4x4fEvEr
im gettin ready to buy all the pieces for my doubler and well i dont know what im lookin at

im gonna be runnin an NP435 so i want a 31 spline 203 right? and a married np205 right? both ford products? im only gonna use the front half of the 203 which is called the range box???? and this all goes together with a kit from (insert name of best kit here)

Ford 203's are hard to come by, you just missed one on e-bay btw...
You don't actually have to use the Ford 203, if you can get the gear (NW Fab... or scrounging) you can redrill the front of an easy to find (and often cheap to free) GM 203. I have a drill template I can loan you when I get it back from another member

Your Ford NP435 will adapt to your AMC with a new input bushing for your flywheel, a ford clutch plate and a T176 bell (for the easiest adaptation). I bought a NW Fab adapter with the Ford 31 spline 203 gear as my GM 205 had the long 32 spline input that needed swapping out for a short input and the Ford 31 spline is real common and easy to scrounge up.
My range box is done and I just stuffed the gear in the gear in the 205 yesterday.
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