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Yes big pat ont he back for the Edel boys. Nice day here in Denver and I spent it installing my Edelbrock TES headers. Started at 8 am by 10:30am I had the original exhaust system dropped, both exhaust manifolds pulled and the driver's side header bolted up. They are easier to install than the instructions lead you to believe. Granted it was nice that I started adn put the first wreench to the original manifold bolts I found them all easy to remove. I didn't have to dig out the PB Blaster as I fear might happen. At the end of the day I have both headers installed, Y-pipe in place all plugs replaced wires reattached, added 1" spacer to carb and fired it up. Loud as hell due to open header pipe, HOA pissed again. Tomorrow I'm going to throw a a single 3" cat and muffler in place to get me to work next week then I'm headed to the exhaust shop where they will fab new header pipes to make a dual exhaust system with H-pipe. I'll post pics as I am making a dual exhaust system with both pipes, cats and mufflers on the same side and tucked between the frame and the driveline and not lower than the frame. If you ever have the money to get an Edel exhaust they are worth it. Of course a good used set is even better!
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