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Lightbulb Options......

What is the goal here?
1. Get maximum power that the engine can give, as it is mechanically configured now.
2. Doing it in a relatively short time, in a week.

Dynamic EFI EBL Flash system + TT-1 WB controller. Howell / Holley 670CFM TBI with 80lbs/hr injectors ( $ 430 + 189 + 450 = $ 1069.00)

The Dynamic EFI EBL + Holley system could probably get the max power the engine can produce, total cost for the system $ 2069. (old AFI $1000.) I could probably get a few hundred back for the GM-TBI-ECM and O2 sensor. Still the total cost is around $1800

The Dynamic EFI EBL Flash system is relative user friendly, but is it doable in a week, I doubt it.
Dynamic EFI EBL Flash system has good instructions for their EBL flash system written in a way that so I can understand it.
(TBI Tuning part 1 & 2 on their web page)

Fast EZ-EFI® Self Tuning Fuel Injection System (Base kit) $ 1785.00

As the name says installation is fast. Power gain up to what a GM SB can give (550hp) if you have the right parts in the engine.

Fast EZ-EFI® eliminates the whole learning process of tuning a GM TBI.
Wideband Air/Fuel sensor is Included.

Not so good:
No ignition control. (MSD Ignition #121-5520 = 135$)
Fuel pump not included. (150$)
Price very high!

1. What type of ignition systems are compatible with the EZ-EFI®?

Since the EZ-EFI® is a fuel-only system, what ever you have already or would use on a carbureted setup will work. With that being said, the EZ-EFI® needs a very stable/clean TACH/RPM signal. For the best possible performance and elimination of noise issues, we suggest an aftermarket style ignition box. For example; MSD or Accel or any of the aftermarket CD ignition boxes that provide a good TACH output signal. The EZ-EFI® system does come with a Tach Adaptor to allow you get a TACH signal off of the negative terminal of the ignition coil or the TACH terminal of an HEI distributor. Due to that fact that this inductive signal is very noisy and varies with RPM, plug gap, cylinder pressure and so forth, sometimes the Tach Adaptor cannot maintain a clean enough signal for the EZ-EFI® to perform optimally.
I think I still have my electronic distributer, not entirely sure I might have given it away…

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