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Started thinking about the engine again. I lucked out and found a set of off-the-shelf 2681 alloy pistons for a .060 over ch*vy 400 with a 1.133 comp height and 26.6cc dish. I can offset grind the stock crank to 3.9 stroke and use small journal 6.125 ch*vy rods. As luck would have it, I got a killer deal on a set of big $$ Carrillo rods from a friend. This gives me 429ci and 9:1 compression with .080 head gaskets. O-ringed block, extra head studs, and 4-bolt mains and that's about it. Who says you can't build cheap horsepower with an AMC?

Pistons showed up today, picking up the rods tomorrow.

Also got my muffler (5" in/out) and diff girdle.
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