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Need some help figuring out an engine miss

1979 Wagoneer, 360 motor, holly 4 brl, motor has been rebuilt at some time recently and carb appears to be new (which the previous owner said he had bought. He converted it from 2 brl, installing Edlebrock intake and the carb. I Just purchased the vehicle.

The engine has a distinct miss at any speed, including idle. It appears that I am getting no or almost no power from #8 cylinder. I traced the miss to #8 by pulling the plug wires one at a time to check engine response when running. When I pull the plug were on # 8, it makes no change in engine idle or miss condition. Pulling plug wire on any other cylinder results in a noticeable decrease in idle speed and increased roughness.

OK, so I checked distributor cap and rotor, which appear to be brand new, and they look fine, no cracks I could see, not carbon tracks, etc. Checked the plug wiring to make sure all wires are to correct cylinder. Plug wires appear to be new. Pulled #8 spark plug, which looks normal for a firing plug. Reconnected plug wire, held plug against the block while engine running and can see plug sparking consistantly. Next ran compression test on #8 cylinder, shows 150 PSI, which is right on specs.

I am baffled. The cylinder has spark and compression, but appears not to be putting out any power.

Anyone have suggestions as to what to check next?

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