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Thanks for the info on the interchangeability. I've heard of some Impala guys having trouble keeping the tranny alive with more power due to the weight of the car and the power, so running a 4L80E may be a better bet since it will see some hard use. Since I already have a core, I may go ahead and splurge for a rebuild or pay for it to be rebuilt since they do seem to be a pretty complicated animal from what I've seen. Plus it's about on par with the cost of an adapter from Novak for the 4L60E. The extra length and weight isn't really a concern for me since it's going into a big heavy FSJ anyway.
As far as the Corvette swap, someone said the wiring was harder, but on the other hand the Corvette LT1s were suppose to come with 4 bolt mains. I really need to find someone to talk to about wiring everything.

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