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Here's the deal, I'm thinking of putting an LT1 in my Jeep. It currently has a 2wd 4L60E mated to it. I know that 4L60Es and 4L80Es are both computer controlled, however my question is are they interchangeable? I already have a 4L80E 4x4 trans mated to an NP205. The trans needs rebuilt, but other than that, it's already mated to a transfer case with the correct side drop. I'm thinking this might be a better way than adapting the 2wd 4L60E, but only if I don't have to mess with any computers, reprogramming, etc. Also, GSMikie, is it possible for me to rebuild a 4L80E myself with a good manual? I already have the manual, just wondering if I'm better off paying for a rebuild. So GM techs, what's the best bet?

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