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Intercooler Madness

The 4bta that is going in Project Humpty needs an intercooler. I pested Dusty and some others about how to do it and got some pics. Depending on what grill you use, you can hide a lot of intercooler behind the bigger FSJ grills. I put a couple of restraints on this design. While this project is going to get a razor grill, I wanted to be able to fit the intercooler in without cutting too much sheetmetal and maybe still hide it behind a Rhino grill if I do another one of these. I also wanted to keep the size of the intercooler (lxwxh) as close as I could to the intercooler that came with the 4bta in the box truck. So with all that in mind, I give you...

I got some 90 degree hose ends and that is how it will be coming through the radiator support like so:

Personally, I think this shot looks bad @$$:

Couple more pics here:
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