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My first car is my '89 Jeep Wrangler. The first mod I did was to install a snorkel! Then I got 31" mud tires, did the TFI ignition upgrade, stripped the interior and applied a polyurethane bed-liner, yanked the sway bar and trac bars, and eventually put a Weber 36 carb on it.

I had it for a little over a year when the Peugot BA-10 broke. I promptly swapped in a TF727 from an '86 Grand Wagoneer and an NP208 from an '81 J10. Now I have an AMC401 to put under the hood. I also have a pair of D44s from an '86 GW that are all torn apart waiting for me to rebuild them with the 4.10 gears, Detroit locker, and full spool that I've collected. Lift will be GW front springs with a shackle-reversal up front, and 2.5" OME springs in the rear. I'll keep the 31s until they wear out, and then trim sheetmetal to fit 33s. Eventually I'd like to swing a Klune-V under there as well....
1989 J5 "Murphy"
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