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Howell and GM Based TBI FAQs and other forum links

Hopefully, these won't change too much.

Below are links to other forums that have well developed Fuel Injection forums and/or FAQs. In no particular order.

This is a great resource to learn the basics of TBI. Read this FAQ about 10 times or so if you are brand new to TBI. It's not inherently difficult, but there is a lot of information to absorb.

Binder Planet's TBI FAQ:

This is the Binder Planet's Fuel Injection Forum: has some great forums, too. The guy who created the Embedded Lockers system (see further down) hangs out on these boards and appears to offer good support to his customers.

Third Gen ECM Forum (Talk about different ECMs and swapping, etc):

Third Gen PROM Forum (Talk about prom burning, modifying your bin):

Thid Gen TBI Forum (General TBI talk, mostly Chevy engines, but still good info):

This is a link to the Embedded Lockers ECM modification that you can buy. It uses one of several different GM ECMs as its base, but adds a huge number of features to the system.

Click the link to learn more:
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