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Last night I was working on the front spring rear perches (mine are bent). I was trying to bend the passenger leaf spring bracket into place and no matter how hard I hit it with a 10 pound sledge hammer, I couldn’t get it into place. Then I sat back and just looked at it, frustrated. I noticed the whole side of the frame is twisted about 4° CCW as you look at from the front. So I leveled the frame just under the fire wall on jack stands and measured the horns. One frame horn is 3/4" lower than the other.
My frame is REALLY bent. So I checked craigslist and found one for $75 about 95 miles from me. I plan to go pick it up tomorrow morning before traffic. Since my front end is already disassembled, I think I can clean/paint the replacement one and get it stuck under my rig in a day. It shouldn’t be a lot of work from where I am at. I am just bummed because I have a good 8 hours of labor in my bent chassis and it's all wasted.
Then again, I'm glad I found this tweak now while its a $100 and 12 hours of labor/driving problem, then later when it's a much bigger problem.

Hopefully my next update will be a picture of my new to me, painted chassis sitting under my rig.
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