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Got my receiver done and the front portion of the chassis cleaned/painted. I bought one of these from Harbor Freight:
Harbor Freight 3500# step bumper receiver
then welded it to my front crossmember, threw a gusset on the front, then welded the the front Rocklaurence shackle brackets to that with some about 1.5" 3/16" wall tube steel I got a good deal on . It all feels pretty solid. I'll tell you what; my little 85amp flux core welder WAS NOT the correct tool to use for welding this thick metal. I had to do some serious beveling to get this metal thin enough for my welds to penetrate, and even then, the welds are not very pretty. They are good enough for me to use a hitch mounted winch (why I added this). I cleaned my chassis with one of these dudes on my 4.5" grinder and finished it off with some good ol' generic rattle can semi gloss black paint.
Harbor Freight knotted wire wheel

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