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Only a little tinkering these days. Finished pulling the trans, Xfer case, steering box, and brake lines last weekend and then pushed it out of the garage cleaned the floor/pressure washed the chassis.

My trans has always leaked. Bad. I think I found the leak. Look at the clean shiney metal around the dipstick tube.

Look at this nasty turd. It'll get cleaned and I am going to replace the front pump seal, get a new dipstick tube and seal, and I have to put a vent on it (mine broke off a long time ago).

Also, when I pulled the plug to drain my Xfer case, there was a nice long metal shard stuck to the plug. I have a feeling i am going to find plenty of that (since 4WD didn't work).

Last night all I did was pound on the rear spring hangers to get them back into place and made the gusset for one of them. Tomorrow I plan to build the front reciever and weld the gussets to the rear spring perches and start painting the front of the chassis. I also hope to install my J20 springs tomorrow or this weekend.

This morning I got a call from my machinest and my block cleaned up super nice. He said .030 will be fine so I ordered Wiseco forged pistons/moly rings and all my bearings today. Wooo Hoo! Almost $600 for all those parts. ouch.
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