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Engine went to the machinist on Saturday as expected. I brought my block, crank, rods, damper, and flexplate. We checked the block and it was at maximum spec to just hone but he said the honeing process would have removed enough material that it would be just beyond spec. He said it had probably been honed and re-ring'ed before.
Kind of. Cast pistons at stock bore would have been about $320 but forged at +.030 are only $410. so for about another $90 I end up with a completely forged bottom end. I really like the idea of not having to worry about my bottom end at all, ever. He said he bores/hones with torque plates, too.

Anyway, he is going to polish the crank, blueprint the rods, Install cam bearings, install ARP hardware on the rods, clean the block (he has
a 3 step process that makes them look pretty amazing, including in the coolant passages and jackets), bore/hone, balance the rotating assembly (including the damper and flexplate)
and install the rods on the pistons. He said it will take about 6 weeks because of his back log.

His shop was pretty amazing. He was building a big block Chevy that was going to have 14:1 compression. His dyno had an SCCA nostalgia class motor on it. I felt like I left my parts in good hands. I am excited to see them come back.

Check this out. I got a kick out of this. I am pretty sure I am the only person with an AMC V8 in a Mazdaspeed 3. haha!
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