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The Serehill Headlight Harness

Serehill's Headlight Harness
In keeping with the request of Rick's family. (posted here)

For those who wish to make their own. This is the basic harness.
It provides power to headlights through a relay.
It plugs into one of the headlight sockets. This powers the relay's switch.
A ring terminal attaches to a power source.
* For '85 and earlier with the main power distribution point inside the cab, its best to attach directly to the alternator's output (BAT) stud.
* For '86 and later, the starter relay is an acceptable alternative. Attach to the same stud on the relay as the alternator's output wire.

Ricks_Headlight_Harness_out of box

Serehill's Headlight Relay Harness-1

Serehill's Headlight Relay Harness-2

Serehill's Headlight Relay Harness-3

- Plug,
Connects to original headlight socket

- Relays rear
Wiring into back of relays. One for Low beams, one for high beams.

- relays

Headlight socket, two required.

Ring teminal for grounds, Two required.

Serehill's Headlight Relay Harness-Breaker

Ring terminal for Power

Serehill's Headlight Relay Harness - Wire

Clicking on the pictures should bring you to Flckr! page and choice to view larger.
Let me know if there are problems.

Some more pictures here:

Some of the development posted here:

Rick's Installation photos:
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