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Originally Posted by Tad
Looking good Ryan

I think I have that same pile of wire under the J2K.

Lol most of that is the rear harness! I bought 25' of trailer wiring to redo it.

MIB: ETA...optimally by spring. Realistically by July. Besides body stuff which is no big deal, I have too:
1: wire it. Won't be too bad
2: plumb it. Gas will be a snap. Got a nice Holley Red Top, just need hose and filters
3: brakelines. Sorta scary on that. But I hypothetically have enough old ones here to get it working. At least I'll get the handbrake set up first.
4: rebuild the rear drums. Not excited about that.
5: windshield and interior, plop the thriftside bed on it, etc etc.
6: little spot weld on the clutch linkage and that should be good to go
7: top off the fluids and see what explodes a mile down the road
8: I could drive it in 2WD as it is with mismatched diffs, of course the big $$ and effort will be setting up a proper matched front end. Lacking welding skills means that has to be jobbed out. Have some local options on that.

I wish I had the time and $$ to do a 100% resto/build on it, it sure deserves it. But its just a truck..
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