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Had a GREAT Weekend of work!

Got my heads painted, installed the freeze plugs, and port matched the exhaust side. I don't have any grandiose idea that I am adding gobs of power by port matching but its one of those things if I didn't do it, it would always bug me. What you'll see in these pictures is, the port with the gasket laid over it (you can see the overhang from the factory casting), then the etched line when the gasket is removed, after port matching (no overhang), and lastly is how the port looks as finished. Some of the ports were TERRIBLE: on 3 ports the dogleg was almost completely blocked. All of them had a lip almost all the way around. 2 of them had huge casting blobs inside the runner that I removed (like the size of a pencil eraser huge). I wrapped the heads in plastic and tape so the only exposed area were the runners, then stuffed a paper towel down over the valve to protect it. When I was done with all 4 ports on one head, I vacuumed it up with my shop vac, and pulled the papertowell out of the runner. Then I used an acid brush inside the runner. Before I install the head, I will clean the runners out with brake clean to get any traces of metal specs out. It took me about an hour to do all the exhaust ports. When my intake pan gasket shows up later this week, I'll do the intake side. I also plan to port match the intake manifold before it gets installed and the headers will also be matched.

My heater box was GROSS!!! filled with leaves, dust, and fuzz (had a mouse house in there at some point). So the whole thing was cleaned and painted. I also flushed out my heater core. I had a hole about an inch across on the corner of the box and a crack about 3/4" long that I glassed over. I also did some re-work on a giant blob of fiberglass fix from the previous owner. This is the first time I have fiber glassed and I am really happy with the results. Red circles are my glass work, yellow is the previous owner's blob. I am a function over form type of person and this rig is a cruiser so I didn't spend a ton of time cleaning up the glass work, just enough where it isn't obnoxious any more and it is sealed from the engine compartment. It will be nice to not smell exhaust all the time when driving.

Wiped the whole firewall down with Castrol super clean, then wire wheeled it. I am not sure what the dude was doing at the factory painting on the passenger side but the paint was put down frothy. it came off super easy. I also noticed there was no primer on the firewall, but there was primer on the side of the cab but no paint. Not sure what AMC was doing when they painted this rig. After the wire wheel I sanded it all with 100 grit on a dual action sander and applied rust nuetralizer to the areas that had some rust (sides, and behind the heater box/fan). I started masking for primer after these pictures were taken. I hope to have it primered in the next 2 days and painted before Friday.

Steering column:
pulled my steering wheel and replaced my cruise control switch. the aftermarket one I bought seems well made but where is screws to the turn signal cam is a little smaller than factory so its not as sturdy as the factory one was. As I removed the factory one, I noticed 2 broken wires in the harness. No wonder it didn't work! haha! Threw a new neutral safety switch (mine failed a while ago and I had it bypassed) on the bottom and stuck it on the "ready for re-install" parts pile.

I cleaned my head bolts all up nicely and cleaned/evaluated my rockers, studs and nuts. Some of my studs have some wear, most of the fulcrums have wear, but the rockers themselves and the nuts look great. I have a long trip coming up so I may just save up and get some roller rockers while I am away...

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