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AKAMC 10-29-2008 01:35 PM

Holley Commander 950 EFI
Anyone here have one of these systems? I'm considering it for a 72 360. How well do these systems handle mods? I'll probably upgrade the engine over time and would like a system I can bolt on and forget after it's tuned. What all is involved with the tuning anyway? I see a laptop is needed. Is that how one would make adjustments when modifying the engine down the road? How well do these perform in cold weather? I'm in Alaska and see summer highs of 90* and winter lows of -65*. Not that I do much driving in those temps. But -30* is common for a few months during the winter. What CFM range do these engines like? 600 or 700? I might want to do a 401 down the road and would want to use this system on it as well with the least amount of modifications. It would be built for low end grunt and towing.

Thanks and sorry for all the questions.........

mdill 10-29-2008 04:10 PM

Looks to be a build your own version of the Edelbrock setup, that will cost more. With either of the two, my concern would be how well you can tune it to run at light throttle, both have way more CFM than a low rpm tourqer Jeep 360 could ever use.

Mike D.

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