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Achilles 01-27-2017 06:20 AM

Wow, she is looking sweet!

bkilby 01-30-2017 09:00 AM

Thanks Achillies! :thumbsup:

So.....after playing with the wheels and tires a bit, I decided I bought the wrong junk. :eek: I wanted to run these wheels to keep the old school look but they only came in 4.50" backspace. And of course they hit so now 1" spacers. I can live with that but these tires are 33x12.50x15 and measure a true 33" x 13.00" x 15. Sitting next to my 35x12.050x17 BFG muds, they're darn near the same size. When next to my 33x10.50x15 BFG muds, they tower those puny 33's. Lol. This will require much more lift than I wanted. Much more... I think I'll get some 17" wheels and slap my 255/75R17 BFG muds on there for now until I get a lift installed and figure out what to do about these monster sized 33's.

So meanwhile in this past week, we installed the sun roof and head liner. I didn't mess with the head liner yet. I can do that anytime. Got the sun visers installed with the aluminum cups. Those are pretty cool. Also started to install the plastic glove box. So many have mentioned how hard it is to get it in the hole. Well I'm here to show you how to get it in the hole in 10 seconds....with one hand. :D Don't blink! Sorry about the crappy video. It's an Iphone bad camera thing.

Heavy_Metal_Thunder_81 01-30-2017 03:44 PM


Originally Posted by bkilby
So many have mentioned how hard it is to get it in the hole. Well I'm here to show you how to get it in the hole in 10 seconds....with one hand. :D Don't blink! Sorry about the crappy video. It's an Iphone bad camera thing.

Now try that with the radio/ashtray/clock, glovebox door hinges, and AC unit in the way ;) :p

bkilby 01-30-2017 06:23 PM

I will. Already did it with the glove box installed. Can't be that hard, right? :D

bkilby 01-30-2017 06:26 PM

So, the PO had some strange ideas on this Jeep. The ugly hood scoop is one of them. He cut a giant hole, raised the sides up about 1" then capped it off. :confused: I did a little clean up and paint under the hood today but I think I'm gonna ditch the tin cover and open that hole back up until I get another hood.

This is the scoop that's going back on.....for now.

Achilles 01-30-2017 07:12 PM

Scoop looks good.

bkilby 01-30-2017 11:50 PM

Well, looks better than that crap he put on, that's for sure. A clean uncut hood would be so much better.

bkilby 01-31-2017 06:41 PM

Hood is on. It's only been a year. Getting closer! :)

cu4whln 02-03-2017 07:12 PM

What! moving around under its own power ?? Sweet!

Now, I think ya might need a slight amount a lift so you don't tear the wheel wells off ....

Just saying !!


bkilby 02-04-2017 11:04 AM

Ya think? :) I put the smaller tires back on for now. 31 x 10.50 x 15. The Jeep likes them much better. I should have put the JK Rubicon tires on instead of wasting money on these new tires....:rolleyes:

1970MontWag 02-09-2017 11:39 AM

Those wheels look great on it! What are they? Thanks

bkilby 02-09-2017 10:55 PM

Thanks! They're American Racing Anthem Sprint wheels. I wanted the old school look on the Jeep. Problem is, the back spacing isn't correct for my rig. Cool looking wheel though.

1970MontWag 02-10-2017 02:32 PM

Awesome!!! Thanks for the link. I like the old school look as well. Do you know if they would work on a 1986 Grand Wagoneer?

bkilby 02-10-2017 10:56 PM

I'm guessing they would with a spacer. I had to use a 1" spacer to keep the tires from hitting the springs (rear) and brake caliper (front). Maybe someone here with more experience can chime in. I got mine here and because they're local, I got them the same day, custom made.
Very nice work!

These are 4.5" BS on a narrow track where as my other wheels are 3.625". I needed the 1" spacer. A guy with a wide track would probably be just fine.

bkilby 02-14-2017 09:00 AM

Just curious to hear others opinions here.....should I leave this Jeep narrow track or should I convert to wide track? I personally like the idea of larger wheel openings for tire clearance etc but I hate to cut this body too. I have access to WT axles and If I wanted to keep stock flares, I have access to front WT fenders that are straight and not rusted as well as a WT body with straight body panels for the rear. Or I could use aftermarket XJ flares. So, what to do? Leave it or modify it? Anyone know what WT front fenders are worth? I might try to pick them up even if I don't cut this Jeep up.

babywag 02-14-2017 09:17 AM

Honestly if you want WT find a WT. I wouldn't convert one. Just my .02

I started the conversion on my '88, but never installed the rear flares/axles.
Wound up selling off the parts (fenders, flares, axle), after a few years.

Some day in future when kiddos are older I'll get another WT Cherokee.

bkilby 02-14-2017 09:58 AM

Well, I don't need two rigs. Do I want two rigs? Of course! :D
Seriously, I hear you. But it's not that hard at this stage to make changes. I haven't touched the axles yet so before I do, do I make the axle change? Tough decision.

bkilby 02-14-2017 10:00 AM

Last June, I took a break from the Cherokee SJ and went wheeling with a Cherokee XJ. I think I made mention of this somewhere in this thread. Anyhow, here's the article. I was the blue XJ with high black flares. There is a Waggy in there too. :)

joe 02-14-2017 11:29 AM

I vote for leaving the body alone. That's too nice to chop up. NT's have nice clean lines. Personally I like the flares on the J-trucks. They look like they belong. The WT Cheros to me though just look like an NT holding it's breath. :eek: I like playing in the woods but I don't rock crawl or go boonie bashing so don't have a need for spooky lifts or huge tires. Just one mans opinion. Your rig, your call.

GreenMachine 02-14-2017 11:35 AM

I vote leave it NT. I wish mine was that straight.

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