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Narnian 11-27-2002 01:42 AM

I had a tranny I pulled from my parts Jeep that I loaned to Ralph before he left for Colorado. He rebuilt it hisself and stuck it in his J10. He said that it would not shift into third, so he had his old tranny rebuilt and removed this one from his truck.

After talking with folks in the know, Ralph decided that the governer valve was stuck, and that the back end of the tranny had to be opened and the valve freed up.

I lost reverse in my Cherry over a month ago. I opened up "Ralph's" tranny and looked at what I assume to be the governer valve. When I spin it, it looks like it's moving, but I'm not sure how far it is supposed to move, or if I'm actually looking at the correct component.

Should I:
o Take my cherokee to the tranny shop and let them fix reverse on the tranny.
o Take "Ralph's" tranny to the tranny shop and see if they can figure out what is wrong with it.
o Wait for someone on this board to tell me how to get "Ralph's" tranny working.
o Buy good tires for the J20 and let the Cherokee sit all winter.

gsmikie 11-27-2002 02:32 AM

the governer valve is on the output shaft it the shaft goes thru the valve it has springs that hold valves in and when the trans is turning (lots of rpm) it is the rpms that make the valve shift in most cases the valve washer on the spring gets cocked sideways and it stops the valve from moving tuus you loose 3rd ford c4 and c6 have the same thing i had the same thing happen on my first c4 30 years ago if you unbolt the valve slide it off the shaft and look at it you will see what im talking about it is self contained when you see the washer just flip it flat and the valve will work

gsmikie 11-27-2002 02:34 AM

as for your reverse going out adjust the bands

Ralph 11-27-2002 09:19 AM

Narnian, the part I was telling you about is the governor valve, which is about the diameter of a finger (yes, my middle finger, if that gives you a better illustration of its girth!). This valve fits in through the SIDE of the governor body. Think of where it could be if you were to shoot an arrow at the governor.

This valve is held in place by a circular-shaped spring clamp on either side of the governor (sort of the way a U-joint is held in place).

The way it works, the governor spins and generates centrifugal force. As the spinning increases in speed, the valve opens and allows more fluid pressure to flow through the govenor body and thus causes the 2nd-to-3rd gear shift.

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