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Chevelleguy 08-05-2021 08:47 AM

Ok, I'm finally making some progress on my build. Got the engine back from the machine shop and got it put together. Using the Speedmaster stainless, roller, adjustable 1.8 LS set. Had to machine off .125 from the pedestals that come with the kit and since the kit comes with metric bolts you will need to get some 5/16 x 1-3/4 so they will be the correct length. Then I will have to order 8.00" pushrods. Everything looking good so far.

rang-a-stang 08-05-2021 09:12 AM

Sweet! Post some pics, too!

wiley-moeracing 08-06-2021 07:11 AM

Again I am wondering why you are doing this? A lot of money, time and effort for almost nothing, there are already roller rockers out there for sale that fit with out modifications needed.

Chevelleguy 09-20-2021 12:47 PM

Because the ones that you are referring to are 4 times the cost of the ones I am using and my OEM valve train needs replacing anyway so there is very minimal additional cost in replacing my worn out stock stuff with new, adjustable, roller rockers. And most importantly....because I can.

wiley-moeracing 09-20-2021 06:33 PM

More power to you, but some of these readers will think it some miracle power adder for super cheap which it is not. Be interesting if you post in the end with true cost of time, labor, machine work and parts and compare so we know.

Chevelleguy 09-21-2021 01:50 PM


Originally Posted by wiley-moeracing
More power to you, but some of these readers will think it some miracle power adder for super cheap which it is not. Be interesting if you post in the end with true cost of time, labor, machine work and parts and compare so we know.

I can promise you, no one reading this thinks it's a "super cheap, miracle power adder", geeze dude lighten up. And true cost? does anyone that owns one of these rigs REALLY keep track of the TRUE cost that we have in them. I'm taking my sweet time on this, working when I feel like it, with hand tools and a micrometer. After I get the new engine in it and broken in, I was even thinking of getting rid of the Holley ecm for the Projection and going with a microsquirt ecm and tuning it myself....if that's ok with you. :rolleyes:

wiley-moeracing 09-21-2021 06:04 PM

Take it easy friend, we all have little projects just for fun no matter cost or time. There are people reading this looking for a miracle power adder for cheap, reading this post from the beginning, there are all kinds of tinkering that can be done, which can be fun if that is your thing. Again, have at it and share what you come up with so you can pass the info on to the next guy.

rang-a-stang 09-21-2021 08:02 PM


Originally Posted by Chevelleguy
...REALLY keep track of the TRUE cost that we have in them...

6.8 million dollars and 456,352 man hours. At least is feels that way. :D

pickledtoast 09-22-2021 07:19 AM

I'm at $50 for the LS rockers off ebay, $15 for the raw material from McMaster. Hardware is borrowed from work. Lunch hours machining instead of playing on the internet: "free".

Anyway, seat of the pants feel after advancing the cam 4 degrees for more idle vacuum and installing the higher ratio LS rockers: it feels slower, but hey at least I have enough vacuum at idle to activate 4wd, and it doesn't stall as much shifting out of park.

Chevelleguy 09-22-2021 08:07 AM

wiley-moeracing 09-22-2021 05:22 PM

Do they clear you valve cover?

Chevelleguy 09-22-2021 07:42 PM


Originally Posted by wiley-moeracing
Do they clear you valve cover?

Not 100% sure on that yet. Old valve covers are super nasty right now and I don’t have my correct pushrods, so even if they were clean I can’t run them through the full operating range. If I have to I will get some chrome Edelbrock covers, those will for sure clear. But they do clear the way it sits.

wiley-moeracing 09-23-2021 04:24 AM


jcisworthy 03-12-2022 04:12 PM

LS Rockers
After using a valve 4.900 long and starting the sweep at the center of the valve stem, I will use a valve around 5" long in all future LS rocker arm swaps.

The LS rocker travels across the valve stem in a wide ark, therefore the rocker has to start its sweep on the intake side of the valve stem.

I am setting up a pair of heads next week and I will try to get some pictures up

jcisworthy 03-18-2022 06:55 AM

LS Rockers
Using a .5020-.5050 long or so valve and keeping the valve lift to .550-.600 looks good for a bolt on setup.

rang-a-stang 04-02-2022 12:01 AM

This is soooo awesome! I can't wait for the final configuration. Almost makes me want to build another AMC V8!!!

jcisworthy 04-12-2022 05:16 PM

LS Rockers
5.020 long 11/32 stem valves in 502 casting heads. No machining, literally a bolt on setup.

Pushrods clear the factory holes with .600 lift, no milling the factory bridge bosses, complete bolt on.

Cut the factory LS rocker stands in sections and use 5/16 x 18 x 2" long cap screws

Witness marks show the starting point and a full sweep with .600 lift

jcisworthy 04-12-2022 05:20 PM

LS rockers
Ok, pictures will not upload and I resized them twice so maybe it needs to be a postage stamp?

jcisworthy 04-12-2022 05:29 PM

LS rockers
Here is a link to pictures

jcisworthy 04-22-2022 05:11 PM

LS Rockers

.100" long SBC valve with an .080" lash cap or a 5.2" long valve worked out better for this engine with a zero deck and no machining to the bridge pads.


Mill 0.200" off the bridge bosses and use a factory valve

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