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'89_Wagon 09-07-2019 06:37 AM

Rear Mount Gas Tank Write Up, Wagoneer
Just completed a rear gas tank swap in my 89 Grand Wagoneer. This post is meant to document the process I went through.

Why did I do this? At half a tank, my Jeep would start to sputter, hesitate, or die while taking turns and accelerating out of a stop. It did this when carbed and fuel injected. I threw a new pickup tube and fuel pump at it and nothing changed. Later, I was running two fuel pumps and it was very noisy. Rust is also a concern in my area so the saddle tank setup would eventually become a problem.

Why this setup? This setup does not require any notching of the frame and the fuel level gauge seems to work well enough. The fuel pump design solves any fuel starvation issues when turning or steering. The nylon lines won’t rust or corrode and parts themselves are cheap. There’s also plenty of ground clearance and it moves the fuel tank to the spare tire area.

Why not this setup? The gas tank is smaller than stock…. 19 vs 20. For me, it felt like I doubled the size since I had to fill up at half a tank before. Pressing fittings onto nylon can be a pain without the proper tools. I gave it shot with simple tools and decided it wasn’t worth the frustration so I dropped a lot of money on the tool (I used KD tools kit). I’m happy I did since it saved me a ton of time. Obviously… no spare tire.

Does it work? Short answer, yes. I have no problems with fuel starvation, cold starts, and as mentioned before the fuel gauge is good enough. It’s also quiet. It can be heard priming when the ignition is turned on, but it’s muted. I can’t here it all when the engine is running.

'89_Wagon 09-07-2019 06:45 AM

Parts List

-97 S10 two-door Blazer gas tank
-96 S10 Blazer fuel pump. This fuel lever sender reads accurate enough.
-Fuel lines. I used 5/16 and 5/8 nylon fuel lines and quick disconnect fittings. I paid a lot for the installation tool but the peace of mind was worth it as well as the ease of installation. I didn't want to fight with other methods of pressing nylon fittings to the hose.
-Fuel filter. I used one with 5/8 quick disconnect ends. The one I purchased was for a Buick Roadmaster.
-Quick connect fuel fittings. Keeping with the theme I purchased straight and elbow quick disconnect fittings. Fuel supply uses 5/8 and return uses 5/16.
-At minimum, four 5/8 fittings are needed. 1 @Fuel pump, 2 @ fuel
filter and 1 @ TBI.
-At a minimum, three 5/16 fittings are needed. 1 @ TBI, 1 for fuel
return at pump and 1 for the fuel tank vent port.
-Fuel line mounting clamps.
-GM 6AN fittings to replace stock pods. Found these on Ebay from a vendor called dstrumpet. Saves much needed space at the TBI.
-6AN to QD fitting. These mount to the GM TB adapter fittings above.
-Tank straps
-Hky pucks. Cheap spacers.
-Rubber sheet, 1/8 thick an 3 inches wide. 10 feet was $16 on Amazon
-Double sided tape.
-Copper reducer 2” to 1”. Bough off Amazon.
-1 inch fill hose. 1 foot length
-2 inch fill hose. 1 foot length
-Over flow hose 5/8, 1 foot length
-Over flow hose 3/4, 1 foot length
-5/8 to 3/4 fuel line adapter for overflow hose

TBI fittings are optional. Barbed fitting can be pressed into the nylon hose and rubber lines can be ran from there.

'89_Wagon 09-07-2019 06:58 AM

More Pics to follow




SJTD 09-07-2019 08:44 AM

Looking forward to more pics with hope it doesn't stick down as far a most of these installations.

'89_Wagon 09-15-2019 01:31 PM

Here are some more pics.

[IMG]Gas tank by [url=][/IMG]
[IMG]Gas tank by [url=][/IMG]

Rear mount, looking up. The rear strap is bolted to the upper lip of the rear cross frame.

[IMG]Gas tank by [url=][/IMG]

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