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Tad 04-05-2008 04:17 AM

1982 J10 (Laredo?) - grand_wag_85
1982 J10 (Laredo?)
I bought this truck in February of 2005 for $350 from another IFSJA member in Wrightsville, PA. It wasn't street legal at the time so I towed it 350 miles home with my XJ and another 150 miles to the family farm in upstate, NY. Other than rust(lots and LOTS of rust) and a bad carb it's been a good truck and in the 3 year I've owned it we've put a grand total of 7.5 miles on it.

I've left it as it was when I purchased it but before it got the camo paintjob, custom rear bumper and streetglow lighting it was a bone stock '82 with a Laredo style interior and a 2 tone tan/brown paint scheme. One day I'll fix it up but until then it is what it is.

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