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KillyMcGee 10-18-2019 11:56 AM

Free J4000 worth the effort?
My inlaws informed me that have an "old jeep truck" sitting in a field that they parked there about a decade ago.

I went and looked at it and its a J4000 with a 360 automatic. Both bed sides have some rust thru the middle of it. The rest of the body quit a few dings and dents. the truck is complete but as set for at least 15 years that I can tell.

I'm just curious if it really worth the effort or for parts. The passenger window is gone so the interior has surface rust and what little upholstery there was from the factory is gone. The doors aren't rusted thru, no idea the floor pans and frame though. The tailgate is there, but its not real great. The truck as sat in Oklahoma pretty much all its life.

I already have the two grand wagoneers and I really havent ever fit comfortably in a single cab pickup being 6'5". I had intended on dragging it home but after looking at it didn't really fall in love with it. Maybe if it wasn't such a long bed.

UnkleMunky 10-18-2019 03:44 PM

Maybe take some pics and post on here. See if someone else might be interested in it...either to restore or for parts. Especially if they are close to where it's at. Being you can get it for free does not mean you can't charge something to someone else. Maybe you could make a few $$$ in the process and everyone ends up happy.

Vehicles from down south or more rust free areas can certainly have worthwhile parts to someone. Some of us are used to the rust/snow-belt region issues of rotted bodies and frames, etc.

babywag 10-18-2019 05:10 PM

nobody can tell you this...
no pics, no understanding of your capabilities in space/tools/technical abilities

personally sounds like a parts truck to me?
I've been stung by non running/driving projects many times and even a few that did run/drive.

me personally would pass on it as a project, but might snag for some extra $ selling parts/scrapping leftovers.

tgreese 10-19-2019 03:00 PM

This truck should have a double-walled bed that rusts through the outer seams easily. Double walled beds are the ones with the tailgate latch in the center. Even if some rust is showing, someone may want the bed. Also, good tailgates are always in demand.

A J4000 with a 360 will be a '71-'72-'73 with a closed-knuckle front axle and post-mount springs. Kind of anachronistic. That said, these trucks do not bring high prices like the Wagoneers. Put it up in the "for sale" forum here is you want to get it to someone who wants it.

rang-a-stang 10-21-2019 04:54 PM

Does it have a title? If not, it's a parts truck at best. If it does, put it up for sale.

KillyMcGee 10-21-2019 08:15 PM


Originally Posted by rang-a-stang
Does it have a title? If not, it's a parts truck at best. If it does, put it up for sale.

I'll double check title, and get some pics next time we go visit.

ZackN920 10-21-2019 10:11 PM

Hell, id jump at the chance for a free vehicle. If nothing else I could sell it cheap to someone else that would appreciate it. win-win!

Now, when it comes to a Jeep truck... I know I'd like one. Kinda want one to make into a plow truck. If it weren't gone (rusted much worse than my wagon WAS [hahahaha, I feel so accomplished now because of fixing all that rust]) i'd personally go for it.

From what you wrote, it sounds like its not something for you. Don't get into a project you have doubts about. You will never get out of it ahead in any way, monetarily or in satisfaction. It would be a "ill get to it someday thing"... In most cases like that, the person finally die's after years of procrastination and the rusted hulk is sent straight to the junkyard. Seen it too many times.

Crankyolman 10-22-2019 09:50 AM

Personally I love my J4000 but I'm only 5'10", if I were any taller I wouldn't fit. The J4000 was only made from '70-'73 with only abut 15,000 pre '73s. I don't know how many were made in '73 but I think it was actually significantly more than all previous years combined. That said they aren't currently worth much money in non pristine condition but my opinion is any J4000 is well worth saving or at least passing off to someone who will do something with it or needs the parts, particularly if it is a pre '73. Don't just let it sit there and rot in a field. If you don't want it someone else wants or needs it.

If it is a '71 or '72 it has the Kaiser dash, single wall bed and chain sided tailgate, tailgates in any condition are needed by many people. There are also some unique engine parts which can be hard to come by like a special short water pump, 3 bolt harmonic balancer and short brackets. It would have the universal TH400 (AKA Nailhead Buick) transmission with an adapter plate and a spacer on the crank and a Dana 20 transfer case. Someone trying to keep a '71 or '72 on the road may need pretty much any of those parts.

In '73 they changed most everything. The bed got updated to the double walled sides. Tailgate changed to the center handle design. Engine got the longer water pump, brackets and 4 bolt harmonic balancer. The dash also was changed to the AMC dash. The transfer case could be Dana 20 or Quadratrac.

If it is a J4600 or higher it probably Has 12 inch drum brakes. These are made of unobtanium and many people trying to keep their trucks going with the drum brakes need these.

KillyMcGee 10-22-2019 10:00 AM

The tailgate has a few dings, its has a center handle that pulls open to the side. So I guess that's a 73 then? I will be back out there in a few months and will try to get some pics together. i hate to see it rot.

Crankyolman 10-22-2019 04:19 PM


Originally Posted by KillyMcGee
The tailgate has a few dings, its has a center handle that pulls open to the side. So I guess that's a 73 then? I will be back out there in a few months and will try to get some pics together. i hate to see it rot.

Yes that would make at least the bed a '73 or later bed so the truck itself is most likely a '73 but so many things tend to get done to these trucks over their lifetimes beds often get swapped but even a '73 and later tailgate is worth money as well asn a lot of other parts.

rws31 10-23-2019 03:09 AM

I,d be all over that thing like white on rice. Long beds don't look so bad sitting on let's say 36's 38's.

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