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Tad 12-28-2012 07:02 AM

1990 GW - zuke
Been Lurking here for a while, Figured I'd better post at least once, So TAD doesn't have to nuke me as a suspected SPAM BOT again. (I really appreciate all Tad's efforts to keep the spam at bay!)

Chopped and Modified.

She started life as a 1990 Grand Wagoneer, But now has the drive-line (Mostly) out of a 1979 J10 Pickup. J10 Wide Track D44's, Unknown Donor T18 wide, Scout II Dana 20, J10 360.

The Cage and Spare Tire Carrier (Integral to the cage) were done by Rockworks Fabrication in Crozet, Virginia.

I have a set of 89 Dodge D60's to go in it (Purchased from JeepinPete Here), But that is still in progress.

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