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frossfross 02-17-2020 06:01 AM

NEW PRODUCT : Tailgate End Cap another back to the market

here you can see product page :

Plastic protection placed on each side of the tailgate door, called "tailgate end cap", located at the top of the tailgate door and allowing to close the hole between the glass and the door. The kit includes two parts, one for each side and four rivets.

Most of the time this parts is missing on your full size jeep, because the old plastic is broken or craked that normal for the age.

We reproduce them currently exactly same shape as we have in original parts but in hard plastic in a better shape than original.

Make sure that the part of the tailgate or part to be installed is not dented or improperly repaired and that it is flat, if it is not possible to insert the part and if you force yourself when the rivet is put in place, the part may break.

Some year the set number is : 23.013-6 and some others year theses number are available : 5452498 and 5452497

We ship worldwide, maximum one day after the buy date.

If you are not satisfied by the product you can return with the provided shipping material and we refund you immediately

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