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Full Size Jeeper 04-24-2022 11:39 AM

1/2 price o2 sensor for Holley Sniper.
I had a few issues with the Holley Sniper System. It is really A pretty good setup. I 'am just terrible with electronics. Anyway, for no known reason, I have had to replace two oxygen sensors in less than six thousand miles. So, at $125 a pop from Summit Racing, I started looking for an alternative. I went to auto zone and told the very young counterman my problem and that I was looking for a less expensive version of what Holley was selling. He asked me to leave my bad o2 sensor and he would get back to me. Later that day he called me and said Bosch has one that would work, but the pigtail was a little shorter. I bought it and it is working great. Here is the part number, hope this can help someone.

Full Size Jeeper 04-24-2022 11:41 AM

babywag 04-25-2022 04:21 PM

there are several bosch WB sensors that interchange.
afaik only difference is the cable length.
I have bought $35 ones off ebay twice.
A replacement for my Innovate WB sensor is $70 but the $35 bosch ones are what I have always grabbed.

rang-a-stang 05-11-2022 01:56 PM

Great info! Thanks for posting!

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