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bigjeepguy 08-08-2000 12:59 PM

I am planning to upgrade from trashed bench seat to fancy leather captains chairs from a grand wagoneer, one question did they come in black in any material other than vinyl? also I have the original Jeep AM radio, and also a floor mounted 8 track player, I want to install a cd player, will I have to completely rewire the interior. Yes i am going to keep the am radio in the dash, but with no wiring to it, and I am going to put in a stereo security console to mount the radio in.I think that is the best way to keep it looking original, but make it nice and comfy, like a new truck(I hope).

Jonathan landon
1973 J-4000 3602v ,TH-400
Dana20,Dana 44's

ClarkGriswald 08-08-2000 01:17 PM

Actually thats leather..

88 Grand Wagoneer
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Brazzy 08-08-2000 02:22 PM

Remove the am radio and look on the case for a schematic of the wireing harness color codes. If this is there, It's all over but the shout. I found this schematic invaluable when installing an in dash cd player in my beast. Course I didn't care about the orrig unit and just cut the plug off the old unit and spliced the new unit to the plug soldered it all up and click, slip, play it works.

Formerly abused 87 G.W. 162k stock

JERRY88GW 08-09-2000 09:18 AM

Go to radio shack and ask for a wiring harness for your car stereo.

This is a harness to plugs in the the harness off the back of your radio. It also illimenates the need for a wiring diagram, cause all the wires an the wiring harness are listed. 12v+ ign., 12v const., Ground are really all the ones you need. If your new radio supports it, you might want to hook up illumination as well. This will make the radio dim it's lights when you turn on your head lights.

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