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Mikel 02-05-2020 08:08 PM

1963 turn signal switch
Any idea of where I can get a turn signal switch for a '63 steering column?

Kaiserjeeps 02-06-2020 10:42 AM

I recently have been wading back in the mess of ebay. I have seen a lot of early parts listed. Do you have a OEM part number for it? I have a parts manual here. If we could identify it I could hopefully find the correct part number for it. Then you could google it every day till something surfaces. I am confident you could find it that way.


Mikel 02-06-2020 10:57 AM

Hi Al,
I don't have a PN, but I'm sure Kaiser didn't create a special switch for this application. I bet there are many other vehicles that use it.
Thank you.

airman 02-06-2020 07:39 PM

Kaiser bought a lot of parts from Buick.
YOu might look at Buick Cars about the same age.


Kaiserjeeps 02-06-2020 09:44 PM

Is it the typical plastic two part assembly? The turn signal arm screws into one of the pieces? That has the wires that go down the column about 2 feet to a plug?
Here is what I found...
Taken from volume 1 J series Parts catalog F-76073 R3 1962 through 1973

Switch, Directional Signal

All LHD (left hand drive) 8121438
All 232,258,304,327,350,360 1972 and prior
(Including hazard warning) 948847
All 230,232,327 1971 and prior (less hazard warning) 933849
WAG 327,350 941975 I think this is for the tilt column in an X model
All 258, RHD (right hand drive) 948847

Thats all I know ;) :thumbsup:

Kaiserjeeps 02-06-2020 10:16 PM

Is this it?

offthebeatenpath 04-06-2020 09:06 AM

Just to add some info, that sure looks a lot like the one I just pulled out of my '65. One of the plastic actuating arms broke off, I'm going to attempt to repair mine.....

Edit: That part number works!
I found this guy on eBay, he has the part I need, and it's available!

joe 04-06-2020 02:17 PM

63 should be a Saginaw steering column so look for a GM switch of that era.

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