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Sunbeam Fanatic 05-25-2019 04:22 AM

MSD Fuel Injection ........
......... has anyone used it on an AMC V8?

babywag 05-25-2019 10:00 AM

You can read about his install here.

acct21 05-29-2019 11:40 PM

I didn't go through all 20+ pages, but from the looks of it he spent 2+ years getting it to run right?

babywag 05-30-2019 12:08 PM

If you read whole thread you can see it could have been resolved quicker.
He worked on it sporadically and IIRC the big issue was bad ignition system.
GM style HEI??
Seems switching to a duraspark resolved most issues?

LosAlamosFSJ 01-02-2020 01:03 PM

Just Finished Installing MSD Ignition/Atomic EFI
I put an Edelbrock Performer 4bbl manifold on, then bolted in the MSD HEI and Atomic throttle body. I did a fuel return system to avoid spending more money and time installing the pump in the tank. I live in an area where there is no emissions testing so I deleted the EGR and the eliminated the cat-back system by removing the tubing from the catalytic converter to the exhaust manifold and welding up all the ports. In doing so, I decluttered the top of the engine and still have the vacuum I need for the transmission, transfer case and brake booster. First run last night was pretty good, the transmission shifts where it should and the engine is nice and smooth. Start up was easy even when cold. The only things I ran into that I had to really work out were modifying the throttle cable bracket to get the ball socket closer to the ball stud on the TBI and welding up ports on the cat-back system. The fuel pump is incredibly noisy so I'm going to build an aluminum box for it with some sound mat inside. I'll also re-mount the pump to the frame using rubber isolators.

Earl Tyson 07-13-2020 11:07 PM

Nice! Thanks for the tip fellas! I'll be taking note of these.

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