View Full Version : 1969 J-2000 - Chris Madden

08-27-2005, 01:02 PM

This is my 1969 J-2000 1/2 ton truck under reconstruction

Specs: 350 Buick V8, T-15 (14?) 3 spd Manual trany, D20 Xfer case, 3.92:1 D44 Diffs f/r, custom cab, 50 Gal Aux gas tank in bed.

Plans: I'd like to have it repainted original green paint, replace the rusted bed with the bed from an M715, add a roll bar, maybe the 1 1/4 ton springs from the M715 too. 31 or 33 inch tires in the works. Add HEI system if possible.

Chris Madden
'69 J-2000
'80 J-10 Honcho
'83 J-10 Longbed
'67 Triumph Bonneville MC