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08-27-2005, 01:15 PM

87 J-10 , Longbed
360 V8
727 Automatic
208 Transfer case
D44 front & AMC 20 rear, both open diffs.

The first picture is the first day I bought this truck for $650.00 It all started when I decided that my '87 Grand Wagoneer was just too nice to take off road and get all scratched up. ( Look for pic. of GW under that section ) I started looking for a J-10 to make into an off road vehicle. I found this one sitting in a guy's driveway. The tires were flat, the paint had a green tint to it, and the bed was full of household trash. I could not tell if the bed was all rusted out it had so much stuff in it. The engine would not start. I stopped and asked him if he would consider selling his truck. He said he was thinking about it and said he would take $650.00 for it. I said sold ! I had AAA tow it home. I put a new battery in it and it started right up ! It had been sitting for over a year because it leaked out of everything.

A partial list of the stuff I have done to her to date includes:

Rear main seal - of course.
All new fluids.
3" body lift.
1.5" add a leafs.
35 X 12.5 BFG Mud Terrains on cheapo re-painted wagon wheel rims. Jacobs ignition. Holley Projection. Factory 4bbl. intake AGR steering box. Seats out of an '81 Wagoneer. CB radio. Factory brush guard. Custom front tow hooks. Custom rear bumper/air tank. 4" square tubing. Custom front bumper ( coming soon ) 8" "C" channel, bent to factory bumper form. Front window sticker that says " It's a Full Size JEEP thing, You wouldn't understand ! "

Nathan Van Meter
Casselberry, Florida